General Counsel on Demand® Continues to Expand Its Bench of Highly Experienced Counsel

General Counsel on Demand® continues to expand its bench of highly experienced but affordable counsel, growing from our core network to continually improve our ability to connect your company with the in-house legal resources you need on an interim, part-time, project, supplemental or full-time basis.

Call or e-mail us and tell us about your company and industry, and the areas of expertise, level of experience, time commitment and location you are looking for to address your legal needs. We will evaluate our bench and present you with options tailored to meet your requirements. 

If you are an experienced in-house counsel with at least 15 years experience and you are interested in joining a growing group of counsel that give clients new options for obtaining high quality but affordable legal services, join our LinkedIn Group and e-mail us your bio, resume and short statement of your specific areas of experience and interest.

General Counsel on Demand® launches LinkedIn Group

General Counsel on Demand® has launched the General Counsel on Demand LinkedIn Group for highly experienced attorneys who would like to be considered for General Counsel on Demand® part time and interim counsel assignments. If you have fifteen years or more solid legal and business experience and are interested in the flexibility, variety and opportunity that working as a member of the General Counsel on Demand® team offers, you can now join the General Counsel on Demand LinkedIn Group